Fate will find a way.

Hey, I'm Payson. I'm not doing very well in terms of being a functional human but I'm the architect of my own destruction. If I could by you a present now it would be a fast forward button so you can leap ahead and realise that any troubles you have now define you for the future but they won't be in your future. All will be well. There will be a lot of struggles but its how you deal with them that matters.....but always deal with them.
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'Omg, can't stand this I'm so depressed'

DEPRESSED? SERIOUSLY. Why? Because mummy wouldn’t buy you the dress you wanted, wow you really sound depressed, you get everything, people would die to be you. You think you’re depressed but hunnie you don’t know the meaning of the word. You told your mum if she didn’t buy you those new shoes then you’ll kill yourself? Stop acting like the world revolves around you, get a grip and realise that you have the absolute world, you don’t self harm, you don’t have to hide scars, you have parents who love and care for you because one day when you loose everything and you actually are depressed….you’ll have noone because you pretended you were depressed, when you’re on anti depressants, we’re the ones who’ll understand…the kids who actually are depressed because right now you don’t know the meaning of the word depressed. You snap your fingers and the world comes running. That girl you bully because she doesn’t have as much money as you? She really is depressed, ask her what depression feels like…. she cuts every night because what you say to her haunts her every time she closes her eyes, she knows what it means to be sad but you? You have no idea. REALITY CHECK: get you’re head out you’re arse, clean yourself up you better hope your kids turn out better than you did because one day mummy and daddy won’t be there then you might actually step into the real world and see that depression is an actual problem!

Permalink Its done. Its over, now its just a memory.

Cuts and scars are just what people see, just remember you’re stronger than they’ll ever be!